Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year Everyone! I've missed creating digital scrapbooking freebies; I'll be back soon! Sorry I wasn't able to follow through with my plans for the 12 days of Christmas. I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday season!
Take care, Shelley

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone. Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blog. I've taken on the yearbook at my daughter's elementary school. This will be the 1st year they've gone digital. We are having a lot of fun exploring our new layout options. However... I've really missed my blog! So, please check back in December; I am planning 12 days of Christmas freebies. I've got some new software that I'm anxious to play with, too. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving; Blessings to all!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be back soon...

Hi there. It's been a while since my last post... just wanted to let everyone know, I'll be back soon! KIT Shelley

Thursday, September 25, 2008

NEW Borders Freebie!

Back, again. Hello! I love Autumn in Michigan, it just feels good. The leaves are changing colors and the windows are open letting in the cool breeze. I 've been crazy busy this week, but I had to scrap a page of 'Lil Big Guy in his cubbie at school. He is so proud to finally be old enough to start preschool, and every aspect of it is a huge deal. He wants to be the big boy who can take care of all of his own needs; it's so CUTE! (and so time consuming!!) Here he is at his cubbie. Click the image to enlarge it if you would like to read the journaling.

For this page I used my latest freebies: Leaves Mini Paper pack Vol.2, and Inked Edge Borders Vol.1 { 2 of the 3 freebies posted today on my blog; be sure to grab all 3 download links! }. I also used: In The Breeze Brushes, Clipped Stacks No.2, Tailed Journalers ~ all Katie pertiet; Stitched By Anna ~ Anna Aspnes; Staple Its 2 ~ Pattie Knox (all available @
I love the soft feel of this page. It captures my son's 3 year old way of thinking while he guards the border of HIS cubbie.

Here is the New borders freebie! Please check today's previous posts for links to freebies: Inked Edge Frames Vol.2 and Leaves Mini Paper Pack Vol.2

Inked Edge Borders Vol.1:

Download link to freebie:

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all your love; keep it coming!
Treasure the day... Shelley

NEW Frames Freebie!

Okay, how is everyone? Perfect Fall day here in Michigan; sunny & crisp. Here is my new frames freebie... 1 inked frame in 2 versions: original and with grid accents. Try layering the 2 together for combining colors and layering settings. Have fun!

Inked Edge Frames Vol.2:

Download link to freebie:

I had fun creating these. If you create something fun with them, or any of my freebies, Email me a web-sized copy and you may see it highlighted on my blog.
Thanks... Shelley

NEW Leaves Freebie!

Hi again! here is the next addition in my Leaves collection for Autumn. It is a monochromatic paper pack consisting of 3 digital 12x12 papers in soft hues of yellow/orange. The leaf patterns are somewhat muted, yet full of warmth. Enjoy!

Leaves Mini Paper Pack Vol.2:

Download link to freebie:
Thanks for stopping by. And please leave me lots of love!
Happy scrappin'... Shelley

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Leaves Papers!

Hi Everyone. After a little break, I am back with a great new freebie and a couple scrappages. I love Autumn and Fall inspired digital papers. My new freebie is designed to compliment all your Fall photos. Leaves Mini Paper Pack consists of 7 papers {1 collage, 2 leaf patterns, 2 check patterns and 2 textured solids}. I love the rich colors and mild distress. Mix & match papers to create layouts for class fieldtrips, raking leaves, and family outings to the cider mill, pumpkin patch, etc.

Here is my first Fall layout:
{click on image to enlarge}

This page shows my little ones on the morning of their 3rd day of school. I had to capture the sweet looks of innocence they showered me with when I came outside to drive them to school. The papers used are from my Leaves Mini PP and the notebook pages, frames, twine wrap and tag are elements I've purchased {by Katie Pertiet @}. The wordart is by Ali Edwards and the staples are by Pattie Knox {also @}. I blended the background papers easily by using the eraser tool. I chose a soft brush sized around 1050px. The soft edge produced a nice fade, allowing the grid paper to peek through.

Here is my second Fall layout:

This is a page focusing on Popstar's first homework assignment for 1st grade. She is a strong student and I wanted to acknowledge her efforts. My kids love to see pages devoted to them individually. For this page, I selected the collage paper from my Leaves Mini PP (freebie!). As you know, I have an obsession with clipping masks. They can be used in so many ways. Here I used a Hipster Plumes FotoBlendz Clipping Mask {Anna Aspnes @ DD}. It is the perfect underlay for the frames, tag and journaling strips {Katie Pertiet @ DD}. I double-clicked on the foreground chip and changed my color to match the beige of the frame card. Then I created a blank layer above the clipping mask and filled it with the new foreground color. I clipped this layer to the mask and changed the layering setting to darken and lowered the opacity to approx. 92%. To get the get the realism of the journaling strip overlapping the card, I selected the journaling strip in the layers pallet and then used the burn tool to follow the card edge.

Are you ready for the freebie?!
It consists of 7 full size {12x12 @ 300ppi} digital papers in jpeg format. Let's get scrappin'!

Leaves Mini Paper pack:

Download link for freebie:

I hope you enjoy the papers; Please leave me feedback (Here or on 4shared). And, if you haven't snatched up the Spot Dots Mini paper pack {freebie posted on September 6th} grab it quick! The link will expire at the end of this week. Thanks... Shelley

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Princess' 1st Day...

Hi everyone. So far, so good. All my little ones seem to be pleased with their new teachers, etc. Well, mostly. Princess and Lil' Big Guy are expected to nap while they are at preschool. Princess insists this is unnecessary, but I'm kind of liking it. Here is my scrappage of Princess' first day...

She kept a brave face, but there were a few tears when it was time for me to leave. For this page, I used a digital paper from my latest freebie {Spot Dots Mini Paper pack} and layered up with a Fab Fall Photo Mask under a stacked photo Frame and Curled Note Strip {all by Katie Pertiet @} I added my photos and journaling, and tacked everything in place with a few staples from my favorite staple collection, Staple Its No.2 {Pattie Knox @}. The background paper has a muted center, which is great for keeping a busy paper from becoming to overpowering. I changed the layer setting of the mask to linear burn @ 80% opacity to give the frames a pop, yet still allow the background to peek through. I'm working on 'Lil Big Guy's 1st day; I'll post it soon.
Happy {digi} scrappin'... Shelley

NEW Freebie!

Wow! I'm exhausted. The new schedule must be catching up with me. I've been trying to squeeze in time for scrapping... and time for freebies! Introducing Spot Dots Mini Paper Pack freebie. This has a soft yet vibrant feel, full of texture and slightly off-balanced shapes.

Spot Dots Mini Paper Pack:

Download link for freebie:
{ Link has expired }

I'll be posting some of my scrappages soon... Shelley

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School has begun...

Wow! This week is going by quick. Hi everyone. All the kids are back in school & we're adjusting to new schedules and responsibilities. I've taken a lot of pictures and this morning I scrapped my first school page. It was quick & easy; no distractions! :)

For this design, I recolored paper from my Flutterfly PP Vol.3 to compliment my photos (In PSE4, I like to use the slider for color found in the hue and saturation menu; this changes the hues while preserving the range of colors; to get a monochromatic look, check the box in the lower right corner of the menu box. Note: the monochromatic color will be based on the color you currently have selected as your color option on top; this is displayed on the lower left side of your screen.). I created a couple inked frames & inked corners; should I post an inked corners freebie? I wanted an accent that reflected things my kids associate with school, so I designed a bit of wordart. A tip for recoloring that I like to use is the layer setting: multiply. I like to duplicate the layer and then apply multiply to the duplicate (I also play around with the opacity). I'll post more pages as I build them... and watch for more freebies! { If there are any freebies you missed, please download them now; Monday many of my current freebie links will expire. }
Happy scrapping... Shelley

Monday, September 1, 2008

NEW Freebie Paper Pack...

Hi there. Happy Labor Day. I must be ready for Autumn; I've been doing some seasonal cleaning and that includes closets. I've started listing Princess' previous Fall wardrobe on Ebay; check out the sidebar for links to my listings. A lot of girls size 3, but I'll be adding some girls 5 & toddler boys. Okay, back to scrapping... and freebies. I've really been having fun with clipping masks and blending; it is a favorite technique of mine. Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.3 Freebie is a set of 4 digital papers that I created by clipping and blending together papers from Vol.1 & Vol.2; I love the peaches and pinks together; I guess I'm a girly girl at heart...

Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.3:

Download link for freebie:
{Link expired}
For your convenience, Flutterfly PP Vol.3 freebie
is also available in 2 smaller downloads:
{Links expired}

These are really pretty! Be sure to grab them quick; due to limited available space for freebies in my 4shared account, I am expiring freebie links 7 days after they're posted. All current links will continue to be active for the next 7 days, in case you missed any.
Hugs... Shelley

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Using the clipping mask... Attit[u]de

Hi there! I wanted to share this scrappage of my Princess with Popstar & 'Lil Big Guy. Princess is so dramatic; so 4. I wanted to remember some of her classic expressions; Attit[u]de. Check it out...
{you can click on the image to see it enlarged!}

I used papers from the Flutterfly PP Vol.1, which I recolored to match the blue in Princess' dress, and I combined frames from the original Inked Edge Frames and Flutterfly Inked Edge Frames. I used the Flutterfly Clipping Mask No.1 to create a background photo that sets off the framed photos and ties the page together nicely. {All freebies still available here @ shelley camp designs!} I also want to point out the font; ss play. It is a download freebie @ for sept/oct. Look for it in the digital magazine under freebies, under downloads. I love great fonts!
Keep scrappin'... Shelley

Flutterfly Clipping Mask Freebie!

Hi, again. Here it is: Flutterfly Clipping Mask No.1! This freebie is great for clipping a photo or stamped as a journaling block. Try duplicating clipped layers of digital paper and applying different layer settings to each to create custom paper. In PSE4, layer a photo (or paper) directly over the clipping mask layer. Now, with the photo layer selected in the layers pallet, hold Ctrl key and click the g key; this clips the photo. Hold Ctrl key and click e key to merge layers. Experiment & have fun!

Flutterfly Clipping Mask No.1:

Download link for freebie:
{Link expired}

Enjoy... Shelley

Fresh link...

Download link for freebie:
{Link expired}

Hello! The first time around, the link for this freebie kit was extrememly slow. So I re-uploaded it to 4shared; I hope this one is more co-operative. If you missed FlutterflyPPVol.1 or the Flutterfly Inked Edge Frames, please click on the label: flutterfly
More later... Shelley

Friday, August 29, 2008

NEW link to FlutterflyPaper Pack Vol.1

Good morning everyone. I quickly wanted to let you know the link for Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.1 Freebie has been updated; technical issues have been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience. Here is the NEW & IMPROVED link:

Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.1:

NEW Download link for freebie:
{Link expired}

Thanks for stopping by... Shelley

Thursday, August 28, 2008


My Popstar is starting 1st grade this year, and Wednesday we went over and met her new teacher ( we actually already knew her & love her!). Popstar was so excited; she's been waiting all Summer to get back to school. I'm a little disappointed in the quality of my pictures; I guess my lens is dirty. But I couldn't let a little blur deny us a great memory in the 2008 scrapbook, so I pretended the pictures were perfect and started scrapping...

For this scrappage, I used papers from Flutterfly Paper Packs (Vol.1 & Vol.2) because the butterflies reminded me of the background brushes accenting Popstar's cherished Hannah Montana posters, Flutterfly Inked Edge Frames, and my original Inked Edge Frames. {All still available freebies here on my blog!} I Blended the peach paper over the Pink print using a clipping mask (FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No.6 ~ Anna Aspnes). I love clipping masks; don't be too surprised if I design a few of my own soon! The journaling points out Popstar's Hannah Montana bookbag and her prized "high-heeled" flip-flops, her awesome new teacher, and her obsession with the classroom couch. I wish the photos were crisper; I'll probably still play with them a bit. I thought the title, Meet the teach[her], was cute; not sure what I will come up with for my son (he starts preschool next week!). Have a great weekend!
Nite, nite... Shelley

Flutterfly Inked Edge Freebie Frames!

I hope you are up for more frames; these are so sweet! Check out the Flutterfly Inked Edge Frames Freebie...

Flutterfly Inked Edge Frames:

Download link for freebie:
{Link expired}

These frames are the perfect compliment to my Inked Edge Frames Freebie; if you missed them scroll down or click the label: Inked. Again, thanks for all your love (keep it coming!).
Hugs... Shelley

Flutterfly Freebie #2

I'm back! Without delay, I'd like to add Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.2 to your collection. These freebie papers blend beautifully with FPPVol.1, so if you missed out scroll down and grab those too!

Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.2:

Download link for freebie:
{Link expired}

Don't stray too far; There's more... Shelley

NEW Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.1

Hi, again! Wow, you guys really loved the Inked Edge Frames Freebie. Thank you Everyone for showering me with love (it absolutely made my day!). Please don't hesitate to share your creations with me; I'd really like to post some. I've had some fun designing a new freebie collection for you. It has a light butterfly theme that is very user friendly. Check it out...

Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.1:

Download link for freebie: { THIS IS AN UPDATED LINK! }
{Link expired}

I love the soft transitional colors of this collection. The paper has a fine texture & slight grunge. Great for those late Summer & early fall events. Look for Flutterfly Paper Pack Vol.2 coming soon!
Bye bye for now... Shelley

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NEW Freebie Frames!

Hi everyone. What a busy week; with back-to-school less than a week away, and the holiday weekend rapidly approaching, there's plenty to attend to. I needed a break... NEW freebie! I recently received a request for inked frames that had a thick enough border to easily layer over a photo. I jumped to it and created the Inked Edge Frames freebie. It has 8 different frames, each style in the original form, and then in a thin-edged version & a thick-edged version. These are easily recolored and look great behind photos as well as layered over them. Try off-setting them, or layer one behind a group of photos & page elements. We have Meet-the-Teacher today; I'll post a scrappage soon using these new frames. As always I'd love to see how you use them; Email me!

Inked Edge Frames:

Download link for freebie:
{Link expired}

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all your love! Hugs!!!
Nite, nite... Shelley